Fashion Stylist

“Fashions fade, style is eternal”
(Yves Saint Laurent)

Who is she?

A passionate Art Director, Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant, who lives and breathes fashion.

Olivia has been privileged to travel around the world, and soak up different cultures, styles and images. You can see it in her everyday style, wardrobe and work.

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What is an Art Director/ Fashion Stylist?

Someone who is responsible for creating the style on set. The essential role is to decide what the person should wear and how to wear it. There are different categories where one can work with magazines, product packaging, celebrity stylist, for movies and even television production. The creative ability and the good visualisation skills are key in becoming successful.

What is an Image Consultant?

Someone who, through an understanding of who you are (background, personality, style and values), will work with you to reveal the gem that you really are, through seeking out the right colours, which suit your body and facial morphology. However, the primary objective is still to work with your existing wardrobe because the beauty comes within us.

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Where does my inspiration come from?

"It comes from everything and everywhere, from the places, cities, countries I visit, to the museums or even just having a hot chocolate with a friend. I am a sponge. I soak up ideas everywhere, all the time."

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Back to the roots of fashion

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Colours are essential to our survival

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Parisian history and the modern world

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PeoplE    olivia

  • I worked with Olivia for over a year. Her skills are unique. Her broad vision of fashion is a real strength. She is a dynamic, determined and a great person to work with.

    I enjoyed working with her in the Adidas flagship store on the Champs Elysées because due to the value she added and her inspiration to myself and others. 

    Hisseine M'Fa Troré
    Hisseine M’Fah Traoré, Manager Flagship store
  • Olivia integrated rapidly and easily into the team at the flagship NIKE store on the Champs Elysées store. She quickly managed to make known her opinions and ideas.

    Olivia also participated in the office merchandising sessions during which she was able to share her knowledge of the preferences and expectation of the customers in terms of shoes (textures, shapes, colours etc).

    Fabienne MOTTIER
    Manager Partner Stores France
  • Olivia integrated herself really well into the team. Young, sociable, energetic with a good sense of connecting with people, she was able to show curiosity and be proactive in dealing with people and situations.

    Berangère Goldman
    Managing Director, La Vallée Village
  • I wanted to work with Olivia, so she could help me find a natural, elegant and feminine style, which also needed to blend with my personality and affirm my professional positioning. I am delighted with the results! Olivia helped me get rid of 80 % of my wardrobe! I have discovered how to dress with class and simplicity.

    Jenny-Jo Delbond
    Founder, Talents Uniques

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I live and breathe my work. I dare to do something that is contemporary and innovative. What about you? Would you dare to contact me ?

Paris, France