Your personal art director

in london


The Exclusive Editorial Experience for the female lead business owners

I help female lead business owners to claim their crown, own their signature style and walk with excellence in the one and only, Legendary London.

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The Exclusive Retail Tour Experience by being a Londoner for a day or two

This is a a premium, eclectic, interactive, engaged and unique tour to discover and learn about the retail and fashion landscape in London.

The Exclusive Experience

London is undeniable THE city that you can never get bored of seeing, there is always something new to discover, to revisit or even to explore.

From a fashion standpoint it is the most eclectic, colourful, daring and vibrant fashion cities worth seeing, in my opinion, compared the other world-renown cities (New York, Paris or Milano).

The name and concept “Retail Through London Eyes”, was birthed from a thought, a conversation I had with my Dad. My Dad and I could talk about the retail/ fashion, the food and beverage industries for years.

I am your personal Art Director, Fashion Stylist, Image Consultant and Personal Shopper, I graduate from Istituto Marangoni in Paris as a Fashion Stylist/Art Director and then made my way to improve my skills as a Personal Shopper and Image Consultant in Switzerland, from Evolution Partner.

I decided to mix what we, as humans, are always alert on what is the latest and greatest news in that realm so it felt natural and fluid to continue a path where I would blend my Fashion background as an Art Director, Fashion Stylist, Image Consultant and Personal Shopper into a unique and specific trail that works for me but also will work wonders for you!



“Olivia is very talented, reliable and kind with an open eye to creativity” - Erina Cavalli

“I highly recommend Olivia Igwe. Her excellent relationships are a huge asset”. - Pierre Cuizel

“Sociable energetic with a good ability to connect with people” - Beranègre Goldman

“Her skills are unique. Her broad visions of fashion is a real strength. I have no hestiation in highly recommending Olivia Igwe, in particular for her human as well as professional qualities” - Hissiene M’Fa Traoré