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The following form is for you to know more about Retail Through London Eyes and how to experience this unique, fun and interactive tour in London and how it can improve your knowlegde for your company, your team or even your brand.

Who am I?

I am, Olivia Igwe, founder of Retail Through London Eyes but also a Style Consultant. I have worked with different brands from magazines, celebrities to less-known clients. Gaining experience and knowledge throughout the industry it has come to a a turn where I love to teach and share my expertise on what London has to offer with a sprinkle of Fashion and Retail spice.

What do expect on our 1 hour call.

  • To determine what tour is best suited for your team or yourself.

  • Understanding what you are missing in terms of information for your company or yourself.

  • What my tour has to offer while blending Retail, History and a Culinary experience and improving your English.

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