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Who am I?

I am, Olivia Igwe, founder of Retail Through London Eyes but also an Art Director which englobes the era of being a Fashion Stylist, Image Consultant and a Personal Shopperl. I have worked with different brands from magazines, celebrities to less-known clients. Gaining experience and knowledge throughout the industry it has come to a a turn where I love to teach and share my expertise on what London has to offer with a sprinkle of Fashion and have you own the flashing lights of a camera.

What do expect on our 1 hour call.

  • To determine what you are wanting on your photoshoot.

  • What is missing in between your brand and personality.

  • Why and how this photoshoot will only elevate your brand the right way.

  • Laying the steps of how we work on a day’s photoshoot

I look forward in hearing from you! thank you for your interest

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