styling is the fun part.

Fashion does not last forever but style does, you can play around with so many textures, layers once you know the basics within your wardrobe.


Perfect your craft.

You can do anything you decide to put your mind too, the only thing needed is to constantly perfect your craft. 
I was not born with the skill of styling, l learned it, researched it, failed a few times, but you know what? I would have not learned had I not fallen.

This shoot is one of the first ones I did. I am so proud of the different palette of colours and having an amazing, awesome team.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 17.01.39.png


Innovation is the key to every success.

You have to understand your market and adapt to every obstacle you face.

This one editorial was and still is sublime. I love the colours with the amazing background. 

We really went into the back of beyonds to find this gem location but it took an army of committed people. I am so proud of the outcome and the team!



Adapting is difficult to do, especially when it is not in your comfort zone. 

We are so used to our environment that we get so comfortable with it, the outside world is always maybe a little scarier but if you do not try, you cannot succeed. You may be surprised to learn that this editorial at first did not go as expected for diverse reason, but I was on the scene. I had to take the information and adapt it to what we wanted the vision to be.




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