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Learn a unique approach

to the fashion/ retail space in london


I’m curious…

Are you an influencer, a brand, a fashion and retail company or simply a person interested in learning more about London fashion and retail?

Is London is on your bucket list and you’re eager to explore the world of London fashion?

Do you want to…?

  • Learn why is London the best city to gain brand visibility?

  • Learn why London keeps on evolving in terms of pop-up stores, street food and food courts?

  • Experience why London’s fashion is edgy and where do customers buy their clothes?

  • Learn why London keeps on evolving in terms of food concepts, clothing stores? 

  • Understand what and why people are attracted into in terms of shopping?

  • Why does London have 2 world renown Westfield’s shopping centers and why footfall is so high?

  • How can one blend high end to street fashion?

  • How technology plays a big role in your customers shopping habits?

  • How to attract and keep new customers?

  • How does retailtainement work and how does it evolve in a big city like London?


what we do

Retail Through London is a premium, eclectic, interactive, engaged and unique way to discover and learn about the retail and fashion landscape in London that will enable you to get as much information needing in a short space of time.

I know it can be overwhelming to be in a big and attractive city and have no clue where to start nor where to go as there are so many options and competitors!

London is a very accessible city with public transport but it is all about time management and efficiency.

That is why Retail Through London Eyes will pin point your needs, your desire for you or your team within your 2 day or 4 days stay in London.

There are a number of things that we will see different neighbourhoods of London, understanding the luxury brands to the Department Stores to even accessing inside knowledge from stores. It is crucial to know what you are wanting to get out.

From Knightsbridge to Covent Garden to Shoreditch gliding from the South to the North, these tours are designed to be efficient and gain a maximum of information, knowledge and how to network in a short space of time.

Why Do A Tour With Us?

  • You are a fashion and retail brand, influencer, consultant, or professional, or simply interested in learning about the London fashion landscape.

  • You have limited time and know that tours are a much more efficient way to see a large city like London.

  • You feel overwhelmed by the options, where to go, what to see and want a clear guidance and insider-knowledge by a local expert.

  • You have questions and interests in learning how London really works, and want real-time answers by Olivia to increase your knowledge.

  • You want to understand why and how London has a huge global retail impact.

  • How can we help serve you and your unique needs?

Tour Options Include:

  • 1, 2 or 4 full-day (9:30am-5:30pm) private tours across London.

  • Prep phone consultations to create your customised itinerary for each day.

  • Access to 4-8+ neighbourhoods (including Knightsbridge, Oxford Street, Carnaby Street, and many more)

  • Discover hidden gems to shop: from underground brands to luxury boutiques to department stores such as Harrods & Selfridges, whatever your interests may be.

  • Exclusive access to Store Managers and Designers.

  • The best “insta” post for your social media feed.

  • Eat and drink like a local Londoner, enjoying cuisine to meet your dietary needs.

  • Get all of your questions answered in real time by Olivia; a local resource for London fashion and retail.

  • Navigate London transport easily; safely and efficiently.

  • We offer an flexible schedule to address your needs and desires in real time, such as changing locations, stores, or spending longer/shorter in certain stores to maximise your experience.

  • We also have the possibility of having a photographer and a videographer on our tour, this is an extra to the cost but we can talk about it on our discovery call.

  • Bonus: Coffee/tea and pastries in the morning, lunch is on your own.

  • Bonus: You’ll receive a goodie bag of essentials to make your stay enjoyable.


Investment Options:

  1. Group Tours

  2. Private Tour

Tours must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance, subject to availability. To know prices book your discovery call.

These tours are in English but I do speak French and Italian, so no need to worry if at times you seem to be stuck learning English, there is always a solution.

If you want to see a glimpse of out last tour in March 2019, all you need to do is click below.

To learn more and explore your options,

book your Discovery Call today.


“Olivia is very talented, reliable and kind with an open eye to creativity” - Erina Cavalli

“I highly recommend Olivia Igwe. Her excellent relationships are a huge asset”. - Pierre Cuizel

“Sociable energetic with a good ability to connect with people” - Beranègre Goldman

“Her skills are unique. Her broad visions of fashion is a real strength. I have no hestiation in highly recommending Olivia Igwe, in particular for her human as well as professional qualities” - Hissiene M’Fa Traoré