Colours: a rainbow of life

This weeks #Feature goes to @moona_bi, Pauline and her husband who are the founders.

I am super happy about this chat, Pauline and I had a blast on the call talking about her amazing wax beach towels ONLY made in Dakar, Senegal.

These vibrant colourful pieces embrace the ethical and handcrafted standards. I cannot wait to have you listen to it, we dug deeper into this brand, understanding the philosophy and why the importance of working having a rainbow of colours only made with African wax.

You may not know this but it was my 1st time talking to Pauline, I had followed her account a few months ago and fell in love with her page. She is an authentic, joyful and driven business woman that will not stop until she succeeds.

On our call, we will understand where this idea of beach towels came from, why she is so convinced people need beach towels in their lives but also how she has adapted them to her new life style, where she moved from Montpellier in France to Dakar, Senegal.

Go and check it out on our Soundcloud or Itunes page

After that do go and show some love to her webpage Moona-Bi and Instagram page. Make sure you order yours for your Summer holiday!

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