Being a Rebelle Flower

This weeks #Feature goes to Rachel with her @RebelleFlower

I look forward in sharing and hearing her views of life but also how her company started on faux botanical flowers and why her sudden move to Nigeria. All of this is released on the #BeYouDoYou Podcast.

Rachel has such strong and warm personnality.
From background as a lawyer to a "hustler" she said has brought flowers into living her life purpose.
Unafraid of what lies ahead, she is ready to fight the battle of where her life is called.

On our call, we shall be going over how she started her company, why botanical faux flower are the "it" thing, how she keeps a strong mindset in a world where everything is in the “now”.

You can check her webpage and even get more insight on how you can treat your space with a lasting exceptional beauty!

You can go an check out the podcast🎙 either on Itunes or Soundcloud.

Much love,

Remember Be You, Do You, the world does not dictate your life, but you dictate it so be you, do you.