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This week's #Collaboration is with @fitmeclothing_ldn

The man behind the the brand is the one and only Tex-Roi McKay.
Our paths crossed beginning of 2018 but instantly connected. It is crazy how the Lord puts amazing people on your path?! Above all of his skills, Tex has been working on garments the FitMe Clothing brand. 👕👚

A London-Jamaican brand, that was launched online around the end of September 2018, initially started as a word of mouth basis which has done him well but now it is time for him to take it over the online world.

He believes a t-shirt, a jumper, a vest should be the representation of your own personality, from his brand he has implemented a small quantity of pieces. Very smart!
Out of all the different pieces he has in store for you, you can find your unique piece for the different atmosphere, classy, funky, outerwear, nerdy or even sexy. 
The choice is yours!

Tex may be low key for the moment but watch the space you are going to be wanting his products. In this interview, we went over how he became a brand even after the 9-5 mentality, how he puts himself out there into the aether but also how he has gone through the diverse struggles of being a creative businessman.

You can watch our interview below, it will be on the podcast Soundcloud and Itunes.

In the meantime, do check him out on his various social media platforms.


Instagram: Fitmeclothing_ldn

Facebook: Fitmeclothing

Pinterest: fitmeclothing

Youtube: fitme

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