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This week #Feature goes to one and only Wolfgang Sonnenburg. An incredible businessman, Author and Speaker.

I look forward in sharing and hearing with you his views on his new book, "Better the whole world against me than my soul". 

I was privileged to film him while I was in Los Angeles, last year 2017.

This is a visual video but you can watch it (below) or tune in to the audio on the #BeYouDoYou Podcast.🎙 

Wolfgang is a humble man, who is driven by his goals, who does not take no for an answer, but believes in being in harmony with your body. 

On this interview, we went over the evolution of fear and vision, how to create your new mindset but also explaining the story on which type of fruit family your belong too. 

Wolfgang has carved himself a profound knowledge on what his purpose is, where he see's his mission, “Winspiration” and how he can help this world be a better place, by taking small actions.

You can find him at

Much love,

“Remember to Be You, Do You, the world does not dictate your life, but you dictate it.”