Chido, Fashion and the World

This week #Feature goes to @chido.obasi
A Fashion Stylist, Art Director but also an Opera singer based the UK for now!
📸 cc:@rondelli.rondelli

I look forward in sharing and hearing his views on the fashion era, how he made it to @condenast but where he is heading.

This young man has so many gifts only on the #BeYouDoYou Podcast.

Chido has a strong driven personality, where he is unafraid to go where no one would probably go.
Unapologetic about who he is and hungry for growth and success at his own level.

On our call, we shall be going over how he fits in the fashion era, what keeps him motivated and humble. Understanding how he is able to blend the world of faith, fashion with his International background.

You can listen to our podcast. I shall link it below.

The Concrete Dreamer

Much love,

“Remember Be You, Do You, the world does not dictate your life, but you dictate it so be you, do you.”