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This weeks #Feature goes to Alexandra @impressivity_by_alexandra

I look forward in sharing, hearing her views on how writing has helped her be free and how she has found her purpose in life.

Alexandra is a Writing, Self-Esteem Coach, an Author and a Speaker. Some of you may also have known her as a Fashion Blogger.
We met at a Women's Empowerment Event in 2017 and I fell in love with her spirit. Alexandra has such a warm and kind spirit. She is well-centered and is a driven human being.

On our call, we shall be going how she started, digging into her Romanian background, how she fits in today's London life, how she sees life moving ahead with this special skill on writing and how it has helped overcome the various challenges but also go over her new book!

Do not forget to check her webpage

For this episode, we have 2 different versions, one as a podcast on Itunes and Soundcloud and the other one is a video format. 

Much love,

“Remember Be You, Do You, the world does not dictate your life, but you dictate it so be you, do you.”

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