The Aligned "Fighter" who follows his dream

I am smiling as I am writing this, what a beautiful conversation we had with Ionut Iulian Ungureanu even though on that day, nothing was going accordingly to planned - key - flowing with the flow.

This podcast/ video was shot as the Summer holidays started. We filmed in the Merderien Hotel in London in secret until we were told by security to end the filming. Things you do even though you know you shouldn’t hahaha #RebelliousMillenians.

On this episode we talked to Ionut Iulian Ungureanu, an Inspirational Speaker, Author of the book “Live. Love. Dream” The Real Results Coach and the Founder/CEO at Raise The World Company. He is providing educational training, mentoring and personal coaching to both individuals and organisations since 2013. He designs seminars/courses on a range of topics including Time Management, Public Speaking, Self-confidence, Achieving Goals.

On our interview Ionut had trained for the Virgin Marathon and managed to raise money for his foundation in Uganda. We dug into his story, how he sees life through his lens but also the lens of a father, how he fuels his D.R.E.A.M.s.

His book Live. Love. Dream, is no ordinary book but it is one where you can take notes, journal, he gives advice for example on the 10 top books that have shaped and moulded him into the man he is today.

He is onto his next book, so stay close to his social media platform, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or on his webpage

Big things are coming his way!

You can read a few articles he has done on Medium:

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You can purchase his book Live. Love. Dream

You can follow the visual interview or you can listen to the podcast version.

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