When Music blends with Inspirational words.

Guy is a very talented cellist but also known as a Haitian ninja. I met him a few years back in Orlando at an International event. He is a joyful person and I have always been a fan of his content on social media.

I truly do believe it is important to support when talent is there, we all need love!

"A simple authentic collaboration that turn into pure magic."

It is interesting to see how a relationship can grow over time, when the right moment opens up it creates a flow of energy and opportunity. You just need to be able to locate it and seize it. 

A few months ago, Guy contacting me do collaborate on his album.

Funnily enough, I was actually wanting to a version of my inspiration message on someone’s music piece. I had thought of Guy, but I never did dropped him a message because did not make it a priority. Lesson learnt!

I prayed about it and stored it in a little corner of my brain, but still kept it alive!

A few weeks prior to my idea, Guy contacted me to be part of his world.

I totally agree with Guy's philosophy, if we want to change the world, it starts now and within ourselves. 

Our energy was authentic and eclectic that camed to life as Mother Earth remix. 

Once I heard the song, the words flew through m. He is gifted and has an art of being driven, authentic and unique in his blue print. He craves his path to success.

When I tell you this was so organic, it just felt amazing and two atistic spirits combined just made super special. I just cannot believe, I am on a single, even though

I am so proud and honoured to part of Guy's project, I am still pinching myself: "Is it real, girl".

Go and show Guy some love, by downloading it on the different platforms. He will bring you a musical taste to your ears!