Balancing the "im"perfection of chaos and beauty

The #Feauture of the July month!

This man needs no introducing but for the ones that don’t know. Here is the one and only, Mario Bauer, THE Entrepreneur by excellence.

Mario C. Bauer is a Brand Ambassador, Entrepreneur, Author & Keynote Speaker.

For almost a decade he was responsible at Vapiano as an executive for international growth & partnerships - yes, that place you see everywhere!

Nowadays Mario acts as a Brand Ambassador for AmRest and Consultant for several international Hospitality Brands. He is co-founder of the boutique consultancy White Space Partners in Paris, co-founder of Curtice Brothers (Ketchup for adults) and a “PODCASTER for Teddy talks.

On this call you will understand how he explains his formula to love your work by doing it with people and food! What an ideal concept, I cannot say “no” because I agree.

Would you not agree?

If you listened to our podcast or watch the video, here is our matching outfit!

Never a dull moment with Mr. Mario Bauer, on my right and on my left the chef, Claus Meyer, culinary entrepreneur and co-founder of the Noma Restaurant. Awarded two Michelin stars.


The video is unedited, I just found it so beautiful the way it is.

You can find Mario at his famous talks:



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