Styling is key



You may be looking at the screen, like what are you talking about, Olivia? I am serious, let me give you an example, you have an amazing outfit for a friends birthday, the colours looks absolutely stunning on you but you have the wrong earrings, the wrong necklace, the wrong shoes or even the wrong jacket … that just means the whole outfit does not have the same “umpf” it had when you first envisioned it in your mind!

Do you not agree? It is either a WIN or a LOSE!

Do not loose hope that is why I am here, Olivia Igwe, to the rescue!

Retail Through London Eyes is a service I provide with my amazing team of photographers (I work with only the best that are able to bring the best out of you and your brand).

We shall nail and make sure we understand your brand, your vision throughout 2 preparation calls before hand which included having the outfits laid out, the locations, either you are wanting more of a Notting Hill vibe with the colour block colours, Shoreditch vibe from the creative angle, or just simply city vibe. Either way London has various districts that we can navigate through. We also make sure we narrow the poses and the lighting you are looking for. We generally do outside shots but if you were looking for an indoor studio feel, we have options too.

Our key goal is when you come to London all you need to do is shoot, literally, as if you were a super model. My team and I will direct you, just follow our lead and we will make you feel as comfortable as ever.

I decided to share a few videos on what we would be touching throughout our preparation and the day of your shooting. As he French would say this is a "petit avant-goût” !

  • Why is it important to have an A.D (Art Director)?

  • Pre-plan your photoshoot

  • I have no clothes

  • I. Family of colours

  • II. Colours are emotions

  • III. Body Shape and Harmony

  • IV. Face Shape


If you are wanting to understand more about your colours and how the different chakras affect your life.

I have put together a little detail descriptive how you can balance the correct colours with your mood and can incorporate them into your every day life.

I have also added a few snippets of my work in the styling/ magazine industry. You will find all if you scroll below.

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