in the skin of a style consultant

My role is to understand who you are (background, personality, style and values). We will work on how to reveal the gem that you are, through seeking out the right colours, which suit your body and facial morphology. However, the primary objective is still to work with your existing wardrobe because the beauty comes within what is in your safe space.

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. Consultant/ Personal Shopper

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london via retail

London is one of the biggest ecclectic cities that never seems to sleep on customer and touristic interatction. Every big brand wants a seat at the table.

Come and enjoy a different approach on learning the English language, where we blend the world of retail and London's famous landmark!


In the skin of a

fashion stylist/ art director

I am responsible for creating the style on set. 

The essential role is to decide what the person should wear and how to wear it. The creative ability and the good visualisation skills are key in becoming successful.

It has always been a part of me, it is my other half of who I am. I enjoy creating, finding the inspiration into creating a universe a unique and amazing storyline. What I love about it, it is only art, you either like or you don't and that is ok, everybody is entitled in having their own opinion, but you can share it and everybody feels some kind of emotion, that is what I love.


in the skin of aN inspirational speaker

I use my experience to talk to an audience and to help them to be inspired, uplifted and willing take the steps to make changes in their lives, paradigms and goals. My goal is to make you look and feel better through the clothes. Clothes do not define you, but owning them with the right attitude does. 

Throughout the last several years, I have found the social media platform a real place to curate art. I have had fun, from the feedback, people really did like them.